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SeaServ was established in early 2015 by: Henning Weise Managing Owner and experienced colleagues from the maritime industry.
Our main goal is to establish system supplies on board of vessels as a team with our costumers, to respect the difficult maritime business most especially the administrative processing of ship supply.

The logistic chain and the standardization of worldwide supplies are the professional services of SeaServ, and not just the connection between the vessel´s manager and the supplier.
Operates at Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg.
By far, we've taken care of the small things on board as well as the system supply worldwide as open, innovative and fair partner for our costumers.

We see the shipping crisis as an opportunity to concentrate on our common knowledge and know-how to simplify the supply-process, lowering the administrative costs and bundle purchase volumes.

Our Services

Worldwide Shipsupply

Provisions: Fresh food, Frozen food, Dairies │ Bonded Stores: Cigarettes, Spirits, Beer │ Stores: Deck Stores, Engine Stores, Cabin Stores […]


Galley inventory in accordance to the HACCP regulation. Galley set up to for a more organized and effective way of cooking according to the safety rules regulations on board. Training the cook on board. Weekly Menu for better planning “Well Balanced Diet”. [...]

System Supplies

Stores / Consumables: Fixed budget per Vessel and per department. Standardized item range with IMPA-codes. Interfaces to existing procurement systems. Reporting via online access. Evaluation in real-time. Pay back of unconsumed budget. Open books. […]          

Project Management

Newbuild Supplies: Standardized equipment per vessel type as stencil for the customer or according to customer´s requirements │ Projects: Offshore project supplies including consolidation and transport […]


Skills in: Owners goods, Warehousing, Packing/Stripping, Shipping/Transport Worldwide […]

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